Saturday, April 6, 2013

50 and Counting

Last year, 2012, was a milestone year for Hali and me. We both turned 50!! The half century mark- WOW!! What a milestone. Maybe what is more incredible is that we've been together since milepost 16. So long, in fact,  our names run together as almost celebrity, HaliWoody. That's cool. Most importantly, however, is that we are very compatible together, especially when traveling.

A couple years ago my sister gave me the book " 1000 Places To See Before You DIE" by Patricia Shultz. I flipped through it, " wish- listing" the places I have yet to see. Crap! I thought I was pretty well traveled but she had been, it seemed, everywhere. Either I live to 150, or I start at chapter one of this book, pack my bags, and get going.

So I turned 50 and where did we go? No, not the Ice Hotel in Sweden, as Ms. Shultz would recommend. You're on the right track... getting warmer... warmer... warmer. Yep, we were in the "frozen tundra" of Lambeau Field last September. The Holy Grail of Football!! To top it off, the Packers were playing the  Forty-Niners. Check that one off our, I mean "my",  bucket list.

Was Lambeau Field even mentioned in "... Before You Die" as her traveler's life list? Nope. Canoe Bay Wisconsin was. Hey, she didn't even mention the Wisconsin Dells and that's where we went roller skating on our honeymoon. For a couple from the West Coast, that sure was romantic.

That's my point. YOU write your own book. No sense traveling around the world to a place you have no interest in. You've got to be kidding, Skeleton Coast, Namibia. Something just doesn't sound right there. Luckily, she survived.  Yea, maybe the Ice Hotel in Sweden. Maybe Canoe Bay. Maybe someday, when I'm back in that neighborhood. Right now though, I'm focused on Ireland. Yes,  the  "emerald isle" has been on our list for a long time.  Ready to embrace the hospitality from the people known to have the "gift of gab". We'll kiss the Blarney Stone- before we turn 51. Sailte!!

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