Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Herman and Otik

These guys were our Christmas present a few years ago. Aquatic frogs. Herman and Otik. 

We first put up their home. A small plastic polygon. I like that word, sounds like polliwog. They arrived a week later via FedEx in a plastic bag with enough water to keep them alive overnight. Instructions called for spring water. That was about it. Oh yea, something else about not consuming the water they live in.

Included in their fancy abode was some sand, a couple frog sized stones, and a live palm tree. All I could picture is Herman and Otik lounging on those rocks, sunglasses on, sipping umbrella garnished piƱa coladas under the shade of the palm.

Only difference is that when we travel, they are sent to Hali's desk at work. The only instructions for the assistant, "Throw in four of the tiny frog food nuggets twice a week." Seems like when we get them back, they've gotten fat, especially Herman. Those four little nuggets probably don't seem like enough and they get over fed. So for the next month, they go on a strict diet. A morsel each, every other day.

Supposedly the life span of this type of frog is three years. Well, they're going on five. They certainly must enjoy each others company. I always see them hanging out under that miniature palm tree. Sometimes rubbing lotion on each others peeling backs.

As far as pets go, Herman and Otik are pretty cool. Feed twice a week. Clean their house once a year. No trips to the vet...yet. No leashes, collars, or silly raincoats. Just kick back and watch them kicking back.

Herman and Otik. BFFF- Best Frog Friends Forever.


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