Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Travel Gadgets

Irish writer, Oscar Wilde, once wrote, " I never travel without my diary. One needs to read something sensational in the train." Although my writing may not be as sensational as Mr. Wilde's, I embrace this notion. Without a diary or journal, I feel lost.

On my first trip to Europe, I wrote nearly everyday. Train travel allows for this: a wait in a station, the bumpy ride, the distances. I would write about the places we visited, people we met, prices we paid so that one day I would look back at my journal not only for reference but knowing that one day I'd go back. For instance, the summer of 1985 we found a room in Sienna for 30,000 lira($15). Returned the summer of 2011, three of us stayed in a convent for 60 Euro($80)including the Italian version of a full Irish breakfast. Currency changed, but Sienna hadn't- I love Sienna.

I know, it's a bit dorky with my breast pocket stuffed with a tiny notebook and pen, but I find it comforting. I'll jot down, train schedules, sightseeing tips, peoples names, amusing quips and later include them in my actual moleskin day-to-day journal. By doing this, I have a ready made blog. Toss in a few of Hali's photos and, presto, a sensational travel website.

Maybe it's "old school", but these are my travel gadgets. I don't leave home without them.

The best thing about my travel gadgets, they never need recharging.

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