Wednesday, July 17, 2013


My early memories of camping were of the smell of bacon cooking in the morning. Amongst the towering pines and El Capitan looming behind, the smokey aroma of bacon wafted through the campground. Yosemite and bacon still linger in those childhood memories.

So for a 5 day camp trip, I'm packin' bacon. Lots of it. I once got a birthday card that said I made the best bacon, thanks Ella. I'm pretty sure Greta called me the "baconator" before Jack(from in-the-box fame) came up with it. And I have been known to include bacon in every meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

But, for every side of swine I've ever cooked, I didn't know this: If you want to have bacon that doesn't curl, put it in the pan, then cook. In other words lay the bacon on the pan, then cook. Don't wait until the pan gets hot, curl central. It curls then the fatty parts don't get crispy. Crispy is key.

Today's menu at campsite #44~

Breakfast: Bacon and hash scramble with onion, peppers, Frank's RedHot.

Lunch: Mac and 4 cheeses, topped with a bacon crumble.

Dinner: Make it simple, BLT's.

Nothing better than a BLT with plenty of B, a neighbors garden L, and a homegrown T.


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