Friday, July 19, 2013

What Can Five Euro Buy?

Last time we were in Europe, we were careful coming home with pockets full of cash and coin. In Dublin, we paid our last night in the guesthouse with cash and handfuls of coins."Money is money." Mickey said, as he shoved it into his pockets without counting. We were left with €5 and a very early flight home. And the last place you want to waste spend your money is at the airport. Save the €5 bill, maybe there's a chance for coffee.

Here is what you might get in Europe for €5:

In Ireland, a pint of Guinness.
In Italy, due(that's two) gelati.
In Germany, a pair of day passes for the city bus.
In Switzerland, a nice hunk of Alp cheese.
In Holland, a hunk of... well, a couple coffees.
In Belgian, two orders of fries with mayo.
In France, a baguette and a very cheap bottle of wine.
In Spain, a glass of wine and anchovy tapas.
In the US... nothing.

So when a kid traveling on the cheap to Germany next week asked if I had any spare Euro, I sold him my last €5 for five bucks. Win for him. He just turned a 30% return on his 5 dollar investment. Win for me. Less clutter.

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