Monday, August 26, 2013

Pot Luck Brew

Since April, our objective in I uncluttering has been to sell something each week. Whether we use EBay, Craigslist, or our July yard sale, we have been determined to shed ourselves of "things".

With the exception of our Ireland trip and road trip to Southern California, we have stayed on course.
There have been weeks that we've had three sales. Other weeks we'll give something away for free. People love FREE. Whatever the case we're cleaning house. 

Everyday I scour Craigslist"WANTED" posts. It's amazing what people are looking for: witch doctors, chicken poop, adult diapers, hops. Whoa, wait a minute, hops? I've got those. I've had them a few years and just love the viney, climbing foilage of the hop plant.This has been my best year for my hop vine and they're ripe for pickin' right now.

So I responded to the"FREE hops wanted"post. Matt was over the next day to pick my hops and collaborate them with the rest of his hop harvest. Matt will be brewing a neighborhood hop growers brew, cooking together all his collective hops for what he calls "pot luck" beer. After fermentation and bottling, he'll invite all his hop growing community to a pot luck afternoon paired with his "pot luck" beer.

Sometimes it is more satisfying giving something away for FREE than it is to actually sell it. 

I'm looking forward for this hop pot luck. Thanks Matt for turning these~

Into this~

 Cheers Neighbors!

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