Friday, August 23, 2013

Puppy Love

I have often been called a dog whisperer, a dog magnet, and even a dirty dog. Probably because I've always had a dog and have a way with a muttly canine crew.

Like a box score, I can read most dogs. Maybe in my caveman past, the taming of a dog was my way to provide food or late night entertainment beside the fire. Whatever the case, dogs love Woody. A dog will follow me like my shadow. It's because it is me who normally feeds them. Remember the old proverb, Don't bite the hand that feeds you? My dogs do. No, not bite, they remember that old saying and I've got all ten fingers to prove it.

And for every dog, I've got an affectionately earned nickname: Big Head, Monkey Man, Goosey Girl, Boney, 'Los. I find myself constantly talking with my dogs, they understand me, and me them. That is our foundation, my whisper, with my doggie friends. 

It starts with a gentle pet. Just a pet. Perhaps that is the origin of the term, pet. And they call it puppy love.


By the way, I still send Carlos a postcard when traveling. Woof!!

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