Friday, February 14, 2014

Hosed and Torched in the Same Day?

I have three 50 foot garden hoses but only one small garden. Also in the yard are two outdoor water valves, just 50 feet away from each other. Why do I have three hoses? Thirty years of accumulation, that's why. Do I need three hoses? Well, I suppose a back up hose was a good idea-not any more.


Met a neighbor building a GREEN irrigation system in his yard. He needs any spare hoses. I have two spares but told him my goal of selling one thing a week. I gave him the better than the Dollar Store price for a pair of hoses. A mere buck for both. Sold $1~~~ A dollar towards my goal and the bonus of never tripping over three hoses in the yard again...

...I used this torch for a fairly simple plumbing project a few years ago. A plumber would have taken maybe an hour for this job which would've drained my wallet $150.


Instead, I invested $20 for the torch, fuel, and igniter and DIM(Did It Myself). Took me and hour and a half crawling under the house. Since then, it's been sitting, unlit, in the garage. 

The same neighbor building his irrigation system took it off my hands for $10.

Some may say I was hosed and torched on the same day. Not me, I've got $11 more in my pocket, and less CRAP layin' around. 

Besides, had I hired a plumber for that simple plumbing project, I'd have felt hosed and torched-$150-OUCH!!

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