Friday, February 14, 2014

Many A Meal

We left the buyers of our house the option to purchase some of our personal belongings. That way should they elect to do so, they have no need to go find something that fits and we have no need to move it.

That was the beauty of this entire transaction. Both sides were REASONABLE. Both sides were negotiating from the same page. It's almost is if Hali and Chris(the buyer) read each other's minds. Both extremely detail oriented. Hali has been in the business a looooong time. She knows details

Here's what they wanted to take off our hands and into their new vintage home:

  • The rattan porch chairs- yes, they belong on that front porch and, I must say, probably add to the curb appeal.

  • The mobile kitchen island- again, perfect for that galley kitchen.

  • The foosball table- must have been their mercy buy. It was well situated down in the Cave but was a beast to move.
Foosball Anyone?

  • The extension ladder- okay, pretty hard to fit into a backpack.

  • The push mower- Hali pushed that mower last summer from a curb alert into our garage, it's theirs now.

Finally, they wanted the dining room table. That old farmhouse table was going to be hard to let go. Let's negotiate.

The Negotiating Table

This table has been in Hali's family since the 30's. Spent several years in a barn in upstate New York before getting shipped to us in Oregon in the 90's. We've enjoyed many a meal on it. Spread it out to it's 8 foot glory on many Thanksgivings. Truth be told, that table looked great under the vintage light fixture in THAT dining room. It belongs in that house and will serve many more years there. In any case, it would have probably become a liability as we continue downsizing.

So, the first handful of things we negotiated with Craigslist pricing. That included a couple TI's (throw- ins). The table, well, that was priced as a sentimental piece of Pope history, willing to let it go. The buyers didn't flinch. They too knew that old farmhouse table fits nicely in Ramona's house on Klickitat.

The hand written postcard from Beverly Cleary, a throw in.

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