Saturday, February 1, 2014

Halftime Invasion of the Man Cave

We purchased this leather furniture when we bought our first house 24 years ago. I remember arguing with Hali that we couldn't afford the $1200 for it and would be better off getting something CHEAPER.

Da Cave, Man

Well, obviously she won that battle and I learned the difference between CHEAP and a GOOD VALUE.

After heavy use of this furniture both in the lodge room and in the Cave over 24 years in two homes, it was taken right from under me, during halftime of the NFC Championship game.

I sat in this CHEAP, but comfortable, office chair during the second half of the game. Next week we send it back to the conference room in Hali's office where it belongs.

By the way, the Niners lost that game but after seeing the empty basement, I was the winner by selling GOOD VALUE furniture and $200 in the vault.

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