Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Movin' Out

Here I am with my 99th published blog wanting to make it to 100. That blog will have to wait. We're moving!

With the move comes service interruption, gadget upgrades, and more time to accumulate blog fodder. Which reminds me. The other night Carlos and I walked the 5 blocks to the new place just to get a head start with our garden art. By the leash, juggling a hose, a heavy piece of the Roman Forum, and a dog poop bag, I managed to lug that precious piece of marble(?) up the driveway and into the yard, in one piece!
A Roman Relic

We had staked our claim. 

More to come...we're moving in Friday and have 10 days to
do so. I'm half-way thinking
about saving the $45 truck rental
and walking over our belongings,
pieces by pieces.

Just Carlos and me.

Ps. I don't know what just happened to the text above, but I like it~must be the poetry muse Erato. Oh wait, that's Greek.


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