Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When Opportunity Knocks

One Sunday, a month ago, we got a knock on the door. I was between roasting pork and halftime downstairs in the cave. Hali opens up for a couple looking, in our neighborhood, at open houses for sale. Our little bungalow has enough curb appeal to attract random strangers? Wanting to see OUR house?

Hali lets them in and shows them around- da da da da! This couple has been renting nearly a year, scoping out Portland's neighborhood's, and pinpointed a one mile radius in which to start knocking.

A few days later we have a legitimate cash offer and they want to come by for another look-see. This time they saw the house unadorned of Christmas and most of our 20's era belongings back in their glory of this old house.

They accept a counter offer and have an inspector out five days later. Nice, now we know what to fix up before we sell next Spring- a $500 value.

Spend a rainy weekend oiling hinges, clearing up the attic, waxing windows and confidently wait out the FIVE hour inspection.

Like any house approaching 100 years~ in this neighborhood, a Century House~ it will have issues, mostly updating code. 

Nonetheless, this little 1922 bungalow has enough charm to SELL itself.

Da da da da!!!!

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