Monday, January 27, 2014

The FREE Tree

Found this on an Oregon beach a few years ago. It's been hanging on our ginkgo tree ever since. We often thought it may have floated across the Pacific after the Japanese tsunami like other debris currently washing ashore. It doesn't glow at night so we presume not. Probably only a local fishing float.

The FREE Tree

With the exception of the surf shack, our new house has no coastal appeal. So, it's gone. Like that Japanese tidal wave, we had a dozen people, surfing the FREE ads, catch a glimpse of this float.

Curiously, a guy named Matsuda was over in an hour to take it home(I assume home is somewhere here in Portland). 

Using the old bait and switch move, he happily handed over $5 for the other hand crafted birdhouse I offered him.

Five dollars- Oh buoy!

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