Friday, January 3, 2014

Fantasy Football Champ or Chump?

Once I clicked Go, I had five minutes to prepare my draft choices in my fantasy football league. In a designated order, I draft my team, along with 11 others from all walks of life, anxious for football season. The entire process takes maybe 30 seconds, but there it was, my roster.

No, I didn't have the Mannings, Brady, or Brees who score monster fantasy points. I had a solid line-up of blue collared players who stayed healthy and put up double digit numbers every week. A tight end, Vernon Davis, was my prized player. The kicker, I don't even remember his name, was my highest scorer. My Numbniners came out every week and played hard.

After 13 weeks, my team was 9-4 and was one of four, of twelve, invited to the playoff bracket for the Championship. 

With the regular NFL season winding down, this was a good time to strategize within the fantasy league. A perfect time to click a button that says Waiver Wire. I needed a player who was scoring lots of points but was either undrafted or flew under the radar unnoticed~Hello Eagles QB, Nick Foles.

Yea, there was some smack talk goin' on and Nick Foles led the way over Brady, Brees, then Manning to my first 12 team fantasy football Championship. Oh boy, the champagne was gonna flow in that virtual locker room. My team kicked, straight-armed, and tackled their way to this moment and we were going to celebrate. Nick Foles was going to Disneyland! Postcard please, Nick:)

A day later, after the hangover, I clicked on my Numbniners icon to see how the guys were. Beside every players name was the word, OFFSEASON. What? No chest bumps? No end zone antics? No virtual trophy? The season's over? This is fantasy football not Lake Wobegon football! I want a trophy in my fantasy trophy case!!

So, this weekend begins the REAL NFL playoffs and I'm looking forward to getting back to reality. Lame fantasy, no trophy, football, The Niners travel to Green Bay to play on the 8 degree Frozen Tundra. You're all invited to the cool comfortable confines of my cave where there might actually be chest bumps- please bring a cheese dish.

Frozen Cheesehead

By the way, if you're not stickin' around Lambeau Field for football this weekend, you might catch Disney's latest, FROZEN, at your local cinema. I'm watching football, fantasizing about that 6th REAL Lombardi trophy in the San Francisco 49ers trophy case. Then I'm going to DisneyWorld!!

 49er Trophy Case

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