Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Person Of The Year

My favorite place to write postcards is under the magnificent columns on St. Peter's Square. Nothing better than sending a friend a souvenir postmarked Vatican City, from the Pope's~except, maybe, receiving one. Surrounding the walled Michelangelo masterpiece of St. Peters Square, guarded by unarmed Swiss jesters, is the Vatican post office. A good place to buy some awesomely arty stamps.


Outside the walls, in Rome, pick up a few postcards, maybe a souvenir bottle Popener, and send some Vatican graffiti home. My favorite, the Pope in the backseat of the Popemobile blessing Catholic pilgrims eating pizza.

The first time we were in Vatican City, it was Popeless. Pope John Paul had passed and the conclave was vetting for the new Pope. It's actually quite possible that we were the only two Popes alive that day we visited the Tombs of The Popes under the piazza of St. Peter's Square.

The Popes on St. Peter's Square

Only a few years after Pope Benedict was elected Pope, he "retired". Now probably playing golf on Capri. The replacement, Pope Francis, followed from humble Latin American roots, scrapped the fancy ride for the train. This Pope has dedicated his papacy to the struggle of the poor, the children, and out-casts of society. Recently, he celebrated his 77th birthday after Mass by inviting four homeless Romans to have breakfast with him. What a guy!

Pope Francis deserves the recognition from Time Magazine as Person of the Year.

 Yea Pope!

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