Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh, Oh, Oh JOY

Ever try to include your pet in a family photo? You'd think after a dozen years or so Carlos would get the picture. The secret on getting him to pose for the camera?-->bacon grease slathered on the backside of my hand. Everything is better with bacon, including a well behaved dog.

We do this every year~our Holiday Greeting. It's our gift to you. Since becoming digital, the process is pretty simple. The hard part is agreeing on a theme. We all agree on something unique, extraordinary, and irresistible but what do we wear? I thought that since we'll be in Bend, we'll be outside, it'll be cold, let's all dress in flannel. What else says OREGON more than flannel? 

While browsing through online photos of other family's greeting cards, Hali proposed we all wear crisp, white shirts. Like other family's?

Carli agreed with me, Mom we're not like other family's, we're the Pope Family: unique, extraordinary, and irresistible. Let's go with Dads flannel idea. Then she reminded us that it's not the clothes people wear that make the picture, it's the people wearing them. I couldn't agree more. Besides, I don't even own a crisp, white shirt.

Happy Holidays~~~the Pope Family
ps. Thank you Grandpa Dave for taking the pic.

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