Wednesday, December 11, 2013

C'sons Greetings

My name is Woody and I'm a tightwad. 

Every Tuesday afternoon us tightwads meet at the 5th Quadrant, affectionately known to us regulars as the 5Q. The place where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came.
The brewers here brew arguably the best IPA in Portland~C-Note. So named for a bitterness unit of 100(BU) and all seven hops in the recipe begin with the letter C. Out now for the holidays, the Granddad of the C-note~C'sons Greetings. A bigger, bolder beer, inherent goodness in every pint.

C'sons Greetings
You can meet us tightwads each Tuesday, Tightwad Tuesday(TT), where a pint will put you back $2.50. After a couple Tuesday meetings, you'll wanna go where everyone knows your name, to the the 5Q.

Nice heated, dog-friendly patio just 12 steps away. FREE bacon for your furry friend, where they always know their name. 


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