Sunday, December 8, 2013

Turducken~Vegan Style

             Baby Granny~ the Apple~

I just read that Portland is the most vegan friendly city in America. Now, I'm not vegan, never intend on converting. I enjoy bacon and cheese too much. Too much in fact, I'll  put a slice of cheese on a thick slab of bacon and eat it~Elvis style, with more bacon.

Many Portlanders think the holidays are the hardest time to be vegan. Not me. Last year, I put together a vegan turducken.That's right, instead of putting a chicken in a duck, then the duck-chicken duo in a turkey, I stuffed a couple delicatata squash with quinoa(keen-wah) stuffing, then stuffed that into the largest butternut squash I could find. Baked it for about an hour then sliced it~strata style. 

The delicatata had this amazing tiger striped skin emblazoned in the buttery gold layer from the butternut, with the rosemary herbed quinoa stuffing in the middle. It looked absolutely awesome.

No one ate it, dang vegans! Shoulda put a bacon crumble over the quinoa~Woody style.

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