Tuesday, February 25, 2014


My sister called a while back and said she thought Mom was lonely. Let's go see Mom! So here I am in row 27(I like the aisle seat), and the middle seat is impossibly empty, on my way to Phoenix. Whoa yea, gimme some elbow room, I'm gonna blog!

What else am I going to do? I've done the crossword and someone beat me to the sudoku. So here it is, my first attempt at FREE inflight Wi-Fi about a plane. First off, an Allstate insurance advertisement.

Row 27 is way in the back. In the overhead, above my head, the semi-automatic defibrillator and my carry-on. Closer to the rear lavatory, last to deplane. No worry, No hurry.

My Carry-On

Last week Portland must have hosted a dog show. There are two well behaved, well groomed little doggies, in little doggie bags, aboard.

Typically, I get the spicy tomato juice. It's the only complimentary beverage most like a meal, especially without ice. It also compliments the small handful of complimentary sesame snacks which are slightly larger than a sesame seed. Not to worry, I'm looking forward to the tuna casserole Mom makes.

Blow up pillow? Fifteen minutes to blow it up for an hour and a half flight? Dude, wake up! We're about to land in the Land of Enchantment. Wait a minute, that's New Mexico.

Oh wow, there IS a guy driving this thing. He just announced that we're flying over Bryce Canyon and it's currently 60° in the Phoenix area. Almost there Mom.

And what's a flight without the screaming child? For me, it's music to my ears. My way of "paying-it-backward" with respect to those brave parents as I was one of them some time ago when Carli logged many miles as a small, wiggly child.

My Story and Photos

The mother and daughter playing patty cakes, giggles, on time departure, early arrival~~~Oh, the joy of travel.

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