Sunday, October 27, 2013


I don't know where she got it, probably Grandma Sue, but every time we'd drive past a cemetery Carli would blurt out, "People are dying to go there-->". Yea Carli, maybe it was funny the first time, not anymore.

We weren't dying to go, but yesterday as we drove along the fence of the Lone Fir Cemetery in SE Portland we stopped in for a visit. No Joke!

We walked through the wrought iron gates and were greeted by several people, hauntingly alive, dressed in costumes portraying long dead famous Portlanders. Cool, an outdoor history museum!

Here among the towering pines and fallen leaves lie pioneers of the Oregon Trail, Civil War veterans, and former Mayors. I recognized the names of Portland streets on the headstones, like Dr. Hawthorne who once oversaw a hospital for the insane. Mayor Lane, the Father of the Rose Festival, is buried here. And yes, Mr. Lovejoy, a founder of Portland, who famously lost a coin toss to name the city. Imagine Boston Oregon, Keep Boston Weird, Boston Trailblazers??? I can't.

So if you happen to be on this side of town, drop by the Lone Fir Cemetery. You might enjoy it as much as the people buried here are enjoying their final resting place. It's true, you don't need to be dead to go there. Now is the perfect time. Or perhaps, Thursday night...

Lumber Jack- A life"cut short"

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