Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One Sentence Story

Hali and Carli recently took a trip to Chicago for a Disney audition. Obviously a visit to Chicago is not complete without a surprise "un-Birthday Party" celebration. I wonder what Grandma Catherine has up her sleeve? Well, I wasn't there so it's hard for me to comment so I asked Carli to write a one sentence story about her surprise dinner?? at Moto restaurant in Chicago.

Post Modern Gastronomy

Thank you Iron Chef for the artfully created dishes you served in 14 courses, but I'm still hungry.

Iron Chef Homaro Cantu

Probably a good thing I wasn't there for three reasons: One, it would be near impossible for me to write a one sentence story on an art museum disguised as a restaurant. I'll save my one sentence story for the COSTCO cafeteria. Two, I too would still be hungry. And three, I'd have fallen over when the bill came. Would've settled for a deep dish pizza at Gino's East.

The irony: I sold my chefs jacket and hat the same week to someone looking for a Halloween costume. Must be dressing up as an artist.



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