Friday, October 4, 2013

'Tis The Season For A Seance

In our uncluttering efforts, I scour Craigslist wanted ads just about every day. It's amazing what people are looking for, and if we have it, don't use or need it, we'll get rid of it. We are no longer married to our toys in the attic. Toys covered in cob webs.

As Halloween approaches, the requests get more weird, even creepy. The other day I saw a post: Looking for Ouija Board

So I replied back: have one.

A day went by before hearing from this~ wanted poster~ and the virtual dialog went like this...

He says, have one but it doesn't work. What kind do u have?

I respond back, I've got one. It works excellent. My mother-in-law was levitated 4 ft. away from the table then suddenly dropped to the floor. She survived, but gotta tell you, I still laugh at the sight- it's yours for $5.

A day goes by, then he writes back, Really, witch model, witch year? Do u have a picture?

Okay, this person?? was creepin' me out. Last thing I want is some random Craigslister with MY Ouija Board.

Made in Salem, Mass.?? OOH, Spooky~

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