Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Go With The Underdog

It was just over two short years ago, I thought we might be an owner of a black, three-legged dog. I started reading three-legged dog forums(yes, it's true) online just for support. Get it? Three legs? Support? Woof, Woof!!(Not Funny). Seriously, I did get support and it was very positive. In the end, it all worked out-tail's still waggin'.

 X-ray of fixed-up foot
Carlos snapped a tendon from his right ankle down to his foot like a rubberband. This happened without warning and without cause. Timing couldn't be better for this 10 year old dog. Not only was he in great shape, we were less than a week away from traveling in Europe, a day away from Carli's High School graduation, and a houseful of visitors.

Just like Underdog, Mormor saved the day. Carlos was due to spend a month with Mormor(mother's mother) in Bend Oregon while we were away. She's dealt with surgically repaired legs on dogs and boy, did Carlos and Mormor's heroic response come through.

After 6 weeks in a cast, the rehabilitation started. Short leashed, brief walks several times a day. Restrained play with his best friends, including me. No more bike rides, no more off leash hikes. At least for a year. Very difficult for an active dog in an active household. But we did it, and here we are a couple years older, frostier muzzle, with our fixed-up, four-legged friend.

Super Dog, CARLOS, bionic foot to boot.


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