Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Fall Classic

With 70 degree weather, dry streets, and Pubsters still sipping their beers on outdoor picnic benches, it doesn't seem like Fall here in Portland. Yes, the trees are colorfully shedding leaves but it wasn't until I heard that familiar voice of Tim McCarver that I knew it was definitely Fall. The St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox were in the World Series-The Fall Classic.

While I hadn't followed baseball throughout the season, I do pay attention during the playoffs. Interestingly enough, I found myself rooting on the Dodgers to beat the Cardinals. Grown up a Giants fan, rooting for the Dodgers, unspeakable? No, not this year. The Dodgers had an incredible season. The kind of season they haven't had in a number of years. The Cards, they seem to reach post season every year, kind of a lackluster white-collar team. Gotta a go with the Dodgers~ Sorry guys.

Needless to say, the Cards are in, the Dodgers out. So now I'm going with the Red Sox, and here's why:

I'll start with the Cardinals~ They dropped the ball last night! Memories of my fifth grade farm team.

The Red Sox~ Fenway Park is arguably the best place to watch a baseball game: throwback(back to 1912), the Green Monster, the passionate blue-collar fans, better beer, better beards, scruffy and scrappy.

But the biggest reason I'm cheering on the Boston Red Sox tonight is this hand painted mural in my fan cave~~~
The prior owners of the house must have been big fans, so naturally, I am too.

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