Sunday, March 2, 2014

And The Oscar Goes To...

Call me old fashioned
Call me a Luddite(Ned)
Call me Woody
Just don't call me Woody Grant

Laurelhurst Theater Portland

I don't go out to the movies often but when I do I like to get my money's worth. Here at the Laurelhurst, one of Portland's many vintage cinemas, $3 will get you in the door to several Oscar nominated films. On a splurge date I'd pop for a slice of pizza and a craft beer. Today is the matinee so I'm ushered past concessions into Nebraska, the girls went to Save Mr. Banks.

In the Film Nebraska, Bruce Dern portrays wily, stubborn old Woody Grant on a road trip to claim HIS money's worth in a Suburu wagon he and his son will load with cash. Take it from here Woody.

I won't be watching the Oscars tonight.  Not much for fancy pants or trophies. Besides, I've got homework and the awards go(on and on) well beyond my bedtime.

I wish the Wonderful World Of Disney would return to prime time Sunday. Wonderful World was within my realm of TV hours and I always went to bed with that warm, fuzzy, Disney feeling. You know that feeling. The feeling where dreams(and trophies) do come true.

Woody Grant didn't win a million dollars but might just win this trophy.

Never stop dreaming--> Woody

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