Friday, March 7, 2014

His Story

Someone once asked me, If you could have a beer with any historical figure, who would it be? I thought for a moment and said, Benjamin Franklin.


This postcard-sized plaque is posted on a tree at the local dog park and I often wonder the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin. As one of Americas first diplomats and Founding Fathers, Mr, Franklin was a well traveled statesman. Yes, it's a tall tree, but obviously he'd never seen a California Redwood or even one of these Douglas firs.

Douglas Fir

The legacy of Ben Franklin and his barrel-full of Franklin-isms(noted quotes) have been passed on for generations. Probably more so than Yankee rival down south with his Yogi-isms. We all know Ben wrote about pennies saved and how beer makes us happy. My favorite though is also a journaling mantra of mine:

Either write something worth reading or DO something worth writing.

I imagine Ben and me sitting in the legendary Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, just off the Freedom Trail, discussing his travels to Europe, maybe a little politics, of course, beer, and tall trees.

Rebel IPA

Our beer of choice, a tankard full of Sam Adams Rebel West Coast IPA~~~ brewed for a Revolution.


Here's to happiness, ¥~¥!!

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