Sunday, March 30, 2014


The day after posting Pizza!, I hear on public radio an interview with a Puzzle Master, Will Shortz, that Za is a word. Yep(yes, also a word), it's true. I checked it out on my Free Dictionary App.*

In a way language experts call clipping, today's younger culture "clips" the word pizza leaving just a slice of that word with the newly derived Za. Before you know it, these one syllable words are adopted into our dictionary and onto Scrabble boards. 

As a player of words, puzzles, and word puzzles should I ever have that lone Z tile in my Scrabble hand with a triple word score, you bet I'm playing for Za!

C'mon man, is it too much to add the extra syllable when ordering to go?

*The word app was derived in the 1980's from the clipped phrase killer app.

A Slice Of Za

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