Friday, November 15, 2013

$72 Canadian Dollars And Change

 $72 Canadian Dollars and change

Last month I was pawing through this tiny tray of foreign currency and it occurred to me, there's some Canadian money here, let's drive five hours North and spend it!

We've been through Canada a couple times the last ten or so years but haven't spent much time money visiting Canada. So we planned a weekend getaway to our neighbor up North. Our goal, to see how far $72 Cdn and a handful of change will take us.

First stop, lunch at Steamworks in Gastown. Although the view here overlooks the train station, the snow capped peaks surrounding the bay were stunning. A couple beers, seafood chowder, fish tacos-$40 Cdn.

Next full day, a long walk exploring Olympic Village, Coal Harbour, Stanley Park, and Yaletown. 3 sleeves of beer, Korean noodle bowls, 4 postcards, maple leaf patch-$18 Cdn.

Our Canadian Friends

The last day, Remembrance Day in Canada, we honored our Canadian friends who have sacrificed alongside American servicemen in every conflict we've been engaged since the American Revolution. A haircut, change for the parking meter-$16 Cdn

Happy, Happy? Haircut
Thank you Canada for your neighborly hospitality. You do make a tasty poutine but why not come visit us in Portland for a proper pint of IPA-eh?

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