Thursday, November 7, 2013

Water, Pure and Simple

Last time I traveled through the airport in Portland, I saw this ~ FREE WATER! Wow, what a concept. Now you can fill your own water bottle and keep that $3 in your pocket that you were about to spend on a bottle of water, and fill your own bottle for FREE.

When I travel, I carry this refillable, reliable, inexpensive little metal bottle and clip it to my pack. I check this web site to see if the water where I'm traveling is safe to drink. Obviously, common sense will override if the water looks iffy. Otherwise, I go with the flow, and drink like a local.

While browsing this I was also schooled on bottled water facts.  Americans spend $31 billion a year on water infrastructure(monthly water bills)~ water treatment, city water lines and maintenance. Another $29 billion a year on bottled water. Yes, that's billion with a b, and yes, every year. Then I learned that 60% of bottled water comes from a municipal source. That's $17 billion a year for water we've already paid for. Imagine paying a monthly fuel bill for your car and then paying again at the pump. That's crazy talk! All this for the safest most regulated water in the world?

Then we have to address the disposal of 50 billion plastic water bottles every year. For a few of us, it's simple, just toss them in the river or in the local park. C'mon man, this is your river, your park. Take care of them and they'll take care of you.

C'mon Man!!

Today, in this month of Thanks, I'm thankful for that delicious Oregon drinking water. With that tall glass of water I keep on my night stand, my bed water, I can sleep at night.

 My Bed Water

As we take to the travel, I will miss that tall glass of water more than FREE wifi, more than Monday Night Football, even more than my pillow. So before getting on that plane, I'll fill up my trusty water bottle(why not,I've already paid for it), and savor every sip.

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  1. Me gusta this post Woody!

    Your point about how 60 % of bottled water comes from a municipal source reminded me of a ridiculous conversation I had with some UO Housing Administrators about going bottled water-free. I told them, among the other facts you listed, that it also takes about 17 million gallons of petrol to manufacture and produce bottled water every year. The UO Housing guys, upon hearing this, are totally not swayed. And in response, they say, "One great thing about the bottled water UO sells is that Bigfoot (the manufacturer) bottles our water just an hour away from here." And they're looking at me, smiling, like they just made some great point-- the entire time, I'm just thinking, "Are these guys for real? Do they even know what they just said?"
    Bottling and selling water an hour drives' away for thousands of times the price is an overpriced waste of natural resources. I ♥ Oregon Tap!