Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Carlism
Where's the bird? Why is this turkey platter empty? The last time we used this platter as our Thanksgiving centerpiece was seven years ago. Our first Thanksgiving in our new(circa 1922) home. We had 17 guests, 2 tables pieced together, a pot luck of side dishes, and a 24 pound turkey.

All had gathered around the table and before digging in, we thought we'd have an interactive blessing. I started from the head of the table stating something I'm thankful for that starts with the letter A. I'm thankful for ALL of you seated at the table. B, C, and so on, around the resting turkey...

Nearly all the way around we got to Carli and the letter Q. Hesitating, sheepishly rolling her eyes from side to side, she twists her finger to her dimple and says, I'm thankful for being cute(Qt). It worked, and she took the house down. Continued around the table, then started passing around the turkey platter.

I'm Thankful For...

Carli was 14 years old the last time we used this platter. Haven't used it since. Won't use it today. Definitely won't need it in two years, so we gave it to a young Jewish couple celebrating their first Thanksgivukkah today. Afterward, they can put their turkey platter away for another 80,000 years or so.

Happy Thanksgivukkah Everyone!!

Cheers!! l' chaim!!

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