Tuesday, November 19, 2013

D'Oh Canada

Last week, while having lunch in a tourist area of Vancouver BC, THIS happened...

An expensive lunch bill

THIS didn't happen because we're Americans.
THIS didn't happen because we had Oregon license plates.
THIS didn't happen because we were tourists.
THIS didn't happen because we were targets.

THIS happened because we were careless.

THIS happens in secure parking garages.
THIS happens in church parking lots.
THIS happens in our neighborhoods.

So, here is a note to the person who did THIS...

Person(s) with no regard for other people's property---

THIS was my property, now it is yours. Please enjoy the daypack I use for my sweaty hot yoga gear. You now have my fleece pajama bottoms adorned with footballs and the words, "NICE BALLS" printed down each leg. A pair of socks. My snowman boxer shorts. A three year old iPad that you might be able to sell at Fred Flintstones Pawn/Rock Shop(he's got stacks of these stone-age tablets on his shelves) for $2.78. There's a turtleneck where the neck is torn from the turtle and a flannel shirt with a pen in the pocket. My toothbrush, hairbrush, and some tums. Also, enjoy the paperback book in the outside pocket- Sorry, no pictures. You also have MY travel journal that I started at the beginning of the year. Fortunately, most of my entries have been documented on this blog, although many "butterfly thoughts" were not. Tucked inside that journal were a couple www.passportsandpostcards.com postcards intended as Thank You's for my gracious hosts at the Douglas Guesthouse B&B(www.dougwin.com). Those postcards are yours. Please, Please, Please enjoy this blog-lots of pictures-and while you're at it, PLEASE sign the guest book. It's the least you could do. And as long as we're still enjoying this month of thanks, you didn't get our passports, and for that I'm thankful.

Peace, Woody

Journal and Postcards

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