Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Green Thumb

Green Thumb

Every Friday morning, I bring in my watering can and water every one of our indoor plants. Takes less than 10 minutes. Once a month, I offer up a shot of nourishment for my fine foliage friends~Miracle Gro. Then I rotate the container a quarter turn to balance the growth. Pretty simple.

Yes, I confess, I dote on my plants. I have to. I have a green thumb and every one of these plants has a story. Many of them represent milestones in our lives. There's the ficus tree upstairs I've had since college. The umbrella plant, now relegated to the front porch with the bucket of umbrellas, we've had since getting married. An African Violet in a little ABC ceramic pot that says, BABY on it. Our three Christmas cacti that bloom twice a year~~right about now and Easter. Oh, and the clover from Karl that we've brought back from the brink several times. Story is, this lucky clover is from Karls' college days?

Umbrella Plant

I  have been know to give bare root roses as gifts on special days rather than a lovely bouquet. More practical, plus one day they'll have a story to tell. I dug up our Carli Girl rosebush when we moved seven years ago and it blooms pink all summer. And my favorite annual, the fuschia, trails flowering marshmallows from Mothers Day up until just a couple weeks ago.
Tending to our plants is just a small chore and am thankful for the joy they bring today and everyday. Someday soon, however, we'll need to let them go. We'll probably put them up for adoption to local friends before we begin our journey. Under one condition, we get visitation rights.

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